Unveiling the Legends of King Siallagan’s Stone Chair in Ambarita, Lake Toba

King Siallagan’s Stone Chair in Ambarita, Lake Toba is a fascinating relic of Batak history and culture. This ancient stone throne has been the subject of many legends and stories, and it continues to capture the imagination of people who visit the area. In this article, we will explore the history and legends surrounding King Siallagan’s Stone Chair and delve into what makes this site so special.

The Batak people are an indigenous group from North Sumatra, Indonesia, known for their unique culture and traditions. The Batak are divided into several subgroups, one of which is the Toba Batak. The Toba Batak are known for their elaborate funerary customs, unique houses, and intricate textiles. They also have a rich oral tradition, and many of their stories have been passed down through generations.

One of the most significant historical sites in the Toba Batak region is Ambarita, a small village on the eastern shore of Lake Toba. Ambarita was once the seat of the Siallagan dynasty, which ruled over the Toba Batak people for centuries. The village is home to several ancient stone structures, including King Siallagan’s Stone Chair, which is located in the middle of a large courtyard.

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King Siallagan’s Stone Chair is a massive stone throne that measures over two meters high and three meters wide. The chair is carved from a single block of stone and is decorated with intricate designs and symbols. The stone chair was once used by the Siallagan dynasty as a place of judgment, where disputes between villagers would be settled.

The chair is surrounded by a set of stone pillars, which were used to tether prisoners who were awaiting judgment. Legend has it that if a prisoner’s shadow fell within the shadow of the stone chair, it was a sign that they would be found guilty and sentenced to death.

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King Siallagan’s Stone Chair is also the subject of several legends. According to one legend, the stone chair was created by a mythical figure named Si Raja Batak, who was known for his incredible strength and wisdom. Si Raja Batak was said to have carved the chair from a single stone in a single night using only his bare hands.

Another legend tells the story of a beautiful princess named Tungkot Sihite, who was the daughter of the Siallagan king. Tungkot Sihite was said to be so beautiful that she could make any man fall in love with her. One day, a prince from a neighboring kingdom visited the Siallagan kingdom and fell in love with Tungkot Sihite. The prince proposed marriage, but the Siallagan king refused, saying that his daughter was too valuable to be given away to a foreign prince.

The prince was heartbroken and decided to leave the kingdom. As he was leaving, he saw the stone chair and was struck by its beauty. He asked the Siallagan king if he could take the chair as a gift for his own kingdom, and the king agreed. The prince then took the chair back to his kingdom and placed it in his palace. Legend has it that the prince’s kingdom prospered and became powerful thanks to the magical powers of the stone chair.

Today, King Siallagan’s Stone Chair is a popular tourist attraction and a symbol of the rich history and culture of the Toba Batak people. Visitors can learn about the legends and stories surrounding the chair and experience the beauty and power of this ancient relic firsthand.

How to get to King Siallagan’s Stone Chair in Lake Toba

King Siallagan's Stone Chair
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King Siallagan’s Stone Chair in Ambarita, Lake Toba is a significant historical site and a popular tourist attraction in North Sumatra, Indonesia. While it may not be the easiest place to get to, the journey to see this ancient stone throne is well worth the effort. In this article, we will explore how to get to King Siallagan’s Stone Chair and offer some tips to make your visit more comfortable and enjoyable.

Getting to King Siallagan’s Stone Chair requires traveling to the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. The nearest major city to Ambarita is Medan, the capital of North Sumatra. Medan is well-connected to other parts of Indonesia and has an international airport, which makes it easy to reach from abroad.

Once you arrive in Medan, the best way to get to Ambarita is by car or minibus. The journey takes around four hours and is a scenic drive through the lush countryside of North Sumatra. You can hire a private car with a driver or take a minibus from a travel agency or bus station. It is recommended to book your transportation in advance to avoid any hassle or confusion.

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When you arrive in Ambarita, you will need to pay an entrance fee to visit the site of King Siallagan’s Stone Chair. The fee is relatively affordable and goes towards the maintenance and preservation of the site. Once you have paid the entrance fee, you can explore the courtyard and admire the ancient stone throne.

While visiting King Siallagan’s Stone Chair, it is essential to respect the cultural significance of the site. The Batak people are proud of their history and traditions, and it is essential to behave respectfully and dress modestly when visiting the site. It is also recommended to hire a local guide to learn more about the history and legends surrounding the stone chair.

Ambarita is a small village, and there are limited accommodation options in the area. It is recommended to stay in nearby towns such as Pangururan or Tuk Tuk, which offer a wider range of accommodation choices. These towns are located on the shores of Lake Toba and are popular tourist destinations in their own right.


In conclusion, King Siallagan’s Stone Chair in Ambarita, Lake Toba is a fascinating historical site that offers visitors a glimpse into the rich culture and traditions of the Batak people. The stone chair’s significance in Batak mythology and its historical importance make it a must-visit destination for anyone interested in Indonesian history and culture.

While visiting the site, it is crucial to show respect for the local culture and traditions. Hiring a local guide to learn more about the legends and history surrounding the stone chair is also recommended.

Getting to King Siallagan’s Stone Chair requires some effort and planning, but the journey through the scenic countryside of North Sumatra is well worth the effort. And with nearby towns offering comfortable accommodation, visitors can take their time exploring the area and discovering more of the unique culture and traditions of the Batak people.

Overall, a visit to King Siallagan’s Stone Chair is a fantastic experience that offers a glimpse into a rich and ancient culture, and it is not to be missed by anyone interested in Indonesian history and culture.

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