Things To Do In Ubud

7 Best Things To Do In Ubud For Relax Your Mind

Escape to the serene and captivating paradise of Ubud, Bali, where tranquility and peace await you at every turn. Nestled amidst lush green landscapes and steeped in rich cultural heritage, Ubud offers a myriad of activities that are perfectly designed to relax and rejuvenate your mind. 

Whether you seek solace through yoga and meditation, immerse yourself in nature’s embrace, or indulge in soothing spa treatments, Ubud has something for everyone in search of a serene getaway. In this article, we will explore the seven best things to do in Ubud that will transport you to a state of blissful relaxation, allowing you to unwind and find harmony within yourself.

7 Best Things To Do In Ubud

7 Best Things To Do In Ubud

Ubud, located in the heart of Bali, Indonesia, is a serene and picturesque destination known for its lush green landscapes, traditional culture, and spiritual ambiance. With its tranquil atmosphere and a plethora of activities, Ubud offers the perfect setting to relax and rejuvenate your mind. Whether you’re seeking a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life or simply looking to unwind, here are the seven best things to do in Ubud for a truly relaxing experience.

1. Practice Yoga and Meditation

Ubud is renowned as a hub for yoga and meditation retreats. Numerous studios and wellness centers offer classes catering to all levels of expertise. Immerse yourself in the peaceful surroundings and join a yoga session amidst rice fields or in the heart of the jungle. Meditation classes are also available, allowing you to find inner peace and tranquility.

2. Visit the Ubud Monkey Forest

The Ubud Monkey Forest is not only a sanctuary for the playful macaques but also a serene oasis in the midst of nature. Take a leisurely stroll through the lush forest, interact with the friendly monkeys, and marvel at the ancient temples nestled within the sanctuary. The soothing sounds of nature and the playful antics of the monkeys create a relaxing ambiance.

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3. Explore the Tegallalang Rice Terraces

Escape the noise of the city and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Tegallalang Rice Terraces. These iconic terraces feature stunning emerald-green landscapes and offer breathtaking panoramic views. Take a leisurely walk through the terraces, snap some photos, and embrace the serenity of the surroundings. You can also enjoy a cup of local coffee at one of the cafés overlooking the terraces.

4. Pamper Yourself with a Spa Treatment

Ubud is renowned for its world-class spas and wellness centers. Treat yourself to a soothing spa treatment such as a Balinese massage, hot stone therapy, or a herbal bath. Indulge in a range of holistic treatments that combine ancient Balinese healing techniques with natural ingredients to relax your mind, body, and soul.

5. Visit the Ubud Art Market

For a calming and cultural experience, explore the Ubud Art Market. This vibrant market is filled with traditional handicrafts, textiles, paintings, and sculptures created by local artisans. Stroll through the market at a leisurely pace, admire the intricate craftsmanship, and perhaps purchase a unique piece as a memento of your visit.

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6. Take a Walk through Campuhan Ridge

Embark on a serene walk along the Campuhan Ridge, a beautiful trail that offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside. The path winds through lush green hills, offering a peaceful escape from the crowds. Breathe in the fresh air, listen to the sounds of nature, and let your mind unwind as you enjoy the tranquil beauty of the landscape.

7. Attend a Traditional Dance Performance

Ubud is renowned for its traditional Balinese dance performances, which are not only a form of art but also an expression of spirituality. Witness the captivating movements, enchanting music, and elaborate costumes as you immerse yourself in the cultural heritage of Bali. These performances create a mesmerizing and meditative atmosphere, allowing you to relax and appreciate the beauty of the art form.

Ubud, how to get there

Ubud, how to get there

To get to Ubud, Bali, there are several transportation options available depending on your point of departure. Here are some common ways to reach Ubud:

  1. Fly to Ngurah Rai International Airport (Denpasar): The nearest airport to Ubud is Ngurah Rai International Airport, also known as Denpasar Airport. It is well-connected to major international and domestic destinations. From the airport, you can hire a taxi or pre-arranged transfer to Ubud, which is approximately a one-hour drive depending on traffic.
  2. Taxi or Private Car: If you are already in Bali, you can hire a taxi or arrange a private car to take you directly to Ubud from your location. Taxis are readily available in popular tourist areas, and most drivers are familiar with the route to Ubud. Negotiate the fare beforehand or insist on using the meter.
  3. Shuttle Service: Many hotels and tour operators offer shuttle services from popular tourist areas in Bali, such as Kuta, Seminyak, or Sanur, to Ubud. These shuttle services are convenient and often reasonably priced. Check with your accommodation provider or local tour agencies for available shuttle options.
  4. Public Bus: Public buses operate between Denpasar and Ubud, providing an affordable transportation option. Buses depart from the Ubung Bus Terminal in Denpasar and terminate at the Ubud Central Terminal. However, be aware that public buses can be crowded and the schedules may not always be consistent.
  5. Motorbike or Scooter: If you are an experienced rider, renting a motorbike or scooter can be an adventurous way to reach Ubud. Many rental agencies are available throughout Bali. Remember to wear a helmet, follow traffic rules, and be cautious on the road.

It’s important to note that traffic in Bali can be congested, especially during peak hours. Plan your travel accordingly and consider giving yourself ample time to reach Ubud. Once you arrive in Ubud, it is advisable to explore the town on foot or rent a bicycle to navigate the narrow streets and discover the local attractions at your own pace.


Ubud provides an idyllic setting to relax your mind and nurture your well-being. From practicing yoga and meditation to exploring the natural beauty, immersing in the local culture, and indulging in rejuvenating spa treatments, there are countless ways to unwind and find serenity in this enchanting destination. Visit Ubud and let its tranquil charm work its magic on your mind, body, and soul.

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